Recollection of the source of eggs Food Co., Ltd. Guangzhou annual large-scale professional production of salted egg yolk, fresh duck eggs, salted duck egg, salted egg, egg white, egg shells, and so on. Our flagship product, salted egg yolk moon cake is divided into Mid-specific egg yolk, salted egg yolk Dragon special dumplings, hotel pastry special egg yolk, egg yolk hotel special dishes, bakery and other food plant material-specific egg yolk. The company is located in the country's largest duck breeding base - Guangzhou City "Grand Central Kitchen Project" mountain of food processing area, adjacent to Baiyun Airport and the North Railway Station. Self-built factory, covering over five thousand square meters. Annual output of salted egg, salted egg yolk over six thousand pieces of ..Read more
  • Mr. Yu: Dai Jianguo (Mr.)
    Tel: 020-36374768
    Fax: 020-36374022
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